108 years AI Innovation Research Center Huashan Theory Sword PART 3

The Ministry of Science and Technology held the "Third Season AI Cross-Domain Observation and Exchange Conference" at the International Conference Hall of Tsinghua University in the present (12) day. In the spirit of Huashan's sword, it invited four AI Innovation Research Centers from National Taiwan University, Qingda University, Jiaotong University and Chengdu University. The 14 top AI project teams will showcase and communicate the results, and demonstrate the top strength and technical application of AI technology developed by Taiwan's academic research institutions through the presentation of wonderful speeches, posters and research results.

Since the promotion of the AI Innovation Research Center project in 107 years, the Ministry of Science and Technology hopes to establish an AI innovation ecosystem and platform through cross-disciplinary, cross-unit and international cooperation to achieve the AI landing in Taiwan and the international chain. The goal. Therefore, from now (108), we plan to hold an AI cross-domain observation meeting in the spirit of Huashan's sword every season, and invite the top research teams of each center to make a move together.

Continuing the fruitful results of the exchanges in the past two quarters, this meeting, in addition to the speech by the Minister of Science and Technology Xu Youjin, is expected to continue to face the cross-disciplinary, cross-unit, and international approach, integrating and focusing on the research and development energy of research centers and teams. In addition to demonstrating Taiwan's top AI R and D energy and industrial potential, it also invited a number of domestic and foreign AI experts and scholars to share and exchange ideas, including the Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Southern California, and also the director of the University's Multimedia Communications Laboratory, Guo Zongjie ( Professor Jay Kuo) shared and explored the role and importance of deep learning and big data in the development of artificial intelligence with the theme of "Seeking A Crystal Ball for Future AI R and D". Secondly, he invited Taiwan's IBM Xie Mingzhi chief scientist to share how to share Use machine learning to analyze data solutions such as community listening and text semantic exploration to assist the industry to optimize customer group management strategies and customer experience to implement the goals of AI industrialization and industrial AI. In addition, in view of the fact that more and more top scholars have invested in AI research, technology breakthroughs and innovations have continued, accompanied by the impact of AI development and use on human society, including ethics and legal disputes. It also invited the Institute of Science and Technology Law of the Institute to share the "ethical norms of AI rights in various countries" and analyze the corresponding practices of AI ethics issues in various countries. It is expected that researchers in related fields in China will have more inspiration for ethical and legal issues. Speculation.

The participating teams of this season's exchange meeting showed the richness of research results and the energy of team research and development of the AI Research Center of the headquarters. For example, the use of big data analysis and deep learning technology to create a personalized medical planning accurate medical decision-making system can reduce clinical errors and improve efficiency; traditional shrimp farming methods are time-consuming and labor-intensive, through the combination of AI deep learning and VLSI design technology, develop a A set of intelligent underwater observation systems to achieve intelligent, automated aquaculture decision-making and management to reduce costs and increase production; through the industrial 3.5 concept, integrated AI, big data analysis and digital decision-making system research and development "smart manufacturing and big data analysis and solution "Scheme" and cloud service platform to enhance the ability of industrial intelligent manufacturing and digital decision-making, and assist in the industrial AI; through the massive data processing technology combined with deep learning, the development of the most important air base station in the intelligent air-driving drone Communication and network technologies can be used to quickly restore disaster networks in the future.

In addition to continuing to showcase the technological breakthroughs in the AI field, the exchange also showed many achievements that would enhance the quality of life of the people, and let the VIPs see more and more artificial intelligence. China has also invited a number of important domestic and foreign companies and new creative teams to participate in the event. We hope that through the exchanges, we will showcase the top-notch technology and rich achievements of the project team to the participants and guests, and stimulate the spark of industry-university communication and communication. To promote the possibility and opportunity of commercialization of research and development results.

The third quarter of the AI cross-domain observation exchange meeting

Source: Ministry of Science and Technology, R.O.C