18 Taiwanese fraud ring suspects awaiting repatriation from Indonesia

Jakarta-- Eighteen Taiwanese arrested as part of a multi-national fraud ring operation are being detained in Indonesia and awaiting repatriation, North Sumatran authorities have said.

In a recent joint raid conducted by Indonesian and Taiwanese police , 78 suspects were arrested, including 24 Taiwanese nationals.

Members of the ring posed as anti-corruption police and prosecutors claiming to be investigating corruption cases as a way of extorting money from their Chinese and Taiwanese victims.

The ring reportedly stole up to US$1 million in the one month it is believed to have operated.

The Indonesian immigration bureau has already repatriated 34 Chinese and six Taiwanese suspects.

North Sumatran authorities said that 20 Chinese and 18 Taiwanese suspects remain at the Medan immigration detention center.

The authorities said they are waiting for the suspects' home countries to cover the payment of air tickets and repatriation operations before they can be repatriated.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel