2019 Ornamental Fish International Competition in Pingtung County Thousand Fish Showcased in Pingtung

Pingtung County is a major base for the cultivation of aquarium fish and development of broodfish in Taiwan. This year, the county government, private industry, organizations and schools jointly hosted the 2019 Ornamental Fish International Competition. It is expected that more than a thousand ornamental fish and fish from all over the world will be shown at the Pacific Department Store in Pingtung from August 30th to September 1st. County Mayor MengAn Pan looks forward to having breeders of aquarium fish from all over the world to share their experience through the competition and platform and witness Taiwan's capability in producing ornamental fish.

County Mayor MengAn Pan said that there are about 1,000 ornamental fish breeders in Taiwan, and Pingtung accounts for 70% of them. With respect to the output of the ornamental fish industry, the live export has exceeded NT$1 billion, and with the other supply chain partners in water plants, feed, fish tanks, maintenance equipment and lighting, the total output can exceed NT$4 billion, generating a large income for the county.

County Mayor Pan pointed out that Pingtung's first international ornamental fish exchange and competition was quite successful last year. This year, the county expands the event in its second year and has invited breeders and fans of aquarium fish from six other countries to participate in the competition. The event will also show case aquatic landscaping fish tanks to add diverse and rich visual effects. The capabilities of Taiwan's ornamental fish industry will be demonstrated and Pingtung County will be established as a major base for ornamental fish, letting the world to see Taiwan's growth in this sector.

The competition is hosted by the Pingtung County government and Pingtung County Biotechnology Aquaculture Development Association and coorganized by the Pacific Department Store in Pingtung. Teams in the competition are formed by the members of the Taiwan Betta Development Association, Flowerhorn Cichlid Culture Research Association, Taiwan Ornamental Fish Association and Pingtung County Biotechnology Ornamental Fish Aquaculture Development Association and other international fans. This event has already attracted the attention from breeders and collectors both at home and abroad.

The competition will show five main species and they are guppy fish, betta, flowerhorn Cichlid, goldfish and Caridina shrimps, which are all prime examples of Taiwan's selective breeding of ornamental fish. Among them, guppy fish and goldfish show the most history, and the variety system, breeding standards and competition qualifications are all very complete. Displaygrade betta fish from improved breeding programs will also be shown. Flowerhorn cichlid is a mix breed of various species and mostly used for feng shui effects domestically, and its grading standards have been improved for consistency. Many collectors have been organizing competition for the breed, attracting more people to raise flowerhorn cichlid fish. Caridina shrimp is a new and hot item in the market. The body size is small but the value is comparable to other fish species, and the domestic breeders are ranked among the world's top in terms of their capabilities in breeding varieties.

In order to welcome this event, the Pacific Department Store in Pingtung plans a series of aquarium shows. From now until September 1st, the department store collaborates with Pingtung branch of YungHsin Aquarium Pet Store to showcase tetra fish and Longwalk Marine Biotech to showcase the kuda seahorse. The department store will also work with Pingtung County Biotechnology Ornamental Fish Aquaculture Development Association to show clownfish, Pomacentridae fish, a variety of guppy fish and aquaponics ideas. With respect to academic collaboration, the department store will work with professors and students from the Department of Aquaculture of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology to show betta and angelfish.

Source: Pingtung County Government