29 arrested in telecom fraud ring bust in Taichung

Taipei-Law enforcement authorities busted a telecom fraud ring that allegedly specialized in scamming Chinese nationals on Wednesday, arresting 29 Taiwanese and seizing computers and telephones used in their operations.

According to a statement released by the Kaohsiung police, its Sanmin first precinct received a tip off last November about a fraud ring that was scamming Chinese nationals by impersonating prosecutors and claiming that they were investigating cases in which the victims names had been mentioned.

The fraudsters then asked the Chinese nationals to wire money to a designated bank account for security reasons, defrauding them of their money.

The tip revealed that the ring operated in Taichung City, so the Kaohsiung police teamed up with Taichung City's Qingshui Precinct and the Criminal Investigation Bureau's Telecommunications Investigation Corp to monitor the group's activities.

Around noon on Wednesday, a raid was conducted of the rented premises from which the gang operated and 29 people were arrested, including a 29-year old man surnamed Hung (?) who has been identified as the ringleader.

The police also seized computers and telephones as well as ketamine during the raid.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel