3 die in airport construction mudslide

Taipei, Three workers were killed in a mudslide at a construction site at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Tuesday.

Taoyuan firefighters said the three were trapped under piles of mud while working on water pipes at an airport terminal.

While police were investigating the cause of the accident, Taoyuan International Airport Corp. issued a statement saying that it suspected five workers were doing their jobs in unsafe conditions.

In addition to the three who were buried, one went into shock and the other was injured, although he later managed to crawl by himself from a collapsed ditch. The contracting company is suspected of failing to provide sufficient protection measures, according to the statement.

People at the scene told reporters that rain over the past few days might have caused the moist soil on one side the ditch to cave in, causing falling rocks to hit the workers, who were collecting their tools after finishing their day's work.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel