Acer-developed smart parking system unveiled in Tainan

Taipei--Taiwanese computer manufacturer Acer Inc., the Tainan City government and Tainan University of Applied Sciences unveiled Tuesday a new smart parking management system that allows drivers to easily find parking lots in the southern Taiwanese city.

Under the system developed by Acer, users can find real-time information on parking availability through a smart parking app and reduce time spent looking for a parking space, Acer said at a press conference to unveil the new system.

In addition, through smart parking meters around the city and an automatic license plate recognition system, the process of paying parking fees and parking tickets can be streamlined, according to Acer.

The system will gradually expand to other cities and counties in Taiwan, Acer President Ben Wan (???) said.

Wan said that the rolling out of the cloud-based smart roadside parking service is aimed at providing drivers with real-time information on parking and solutions for more convenient payment of parking fees.

Wan also said that Acer will continue to work with domestic and foreign partners to develop innovative solutions for the transportation network and other real-world software applications in Taiwan by integrating the Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data technology to realize the goal of building more smart cities in Taiwan.

According to a recent survey, drivers spend an average of 20 minutes each time finding a parking space.

The report also said that vehicles looking for parking lots account for 30 percent of traffic flow, which shows the significant impact on traffic flow caused by parking.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel