After 65 years, The China Post to go paperless on May 15 (update)

Taipei--The China Post, one of two English-language newspapers in Taiwan, will stop publishing a printed version of the paper on May 15, after 65 years, its chairman and publisher George Hsieh (???) announced on Sunday.

The daily, first printed in 1952, will be transformed into a digital news platform, Hsieh said at a press conference, describing the decision as the first step in the transformation of the veteran newspaper in the digital era.

The digital news platform will cooperate with other media outlets to offer users news reports and videos from a wide range of sources, Hsieh said.

In addition, Taiwan is an open environment for the multidimensional development of the press with a large volume of good media content, so the online platform will be able to provide readers with more sources for the latest news and knowledge, he said.

Since The China Post launched its application (app) online last year, it has been well received, leading to a higher click through rate and reading rate for news stories on the app than for the printed paper.

That indicates demand for printed English-language newspapers is declining in Taiwan. Therefore, "it is necessary to look to the future," Hsieh said.

The China Post's printed version will be issued until May 15, he said, adding that in the future, the daily will continue to write news reports on its own, but also present reports and videos from a wide range of sectors.

The China Post is the second English-language newspaper in Taiwan to go paperless, following Taiwan News, which published the last print edition of its newspaper on Feb. 28, 2015, adopting an all-digital format.

As a result, the Taipei Times will be the only English newspaper to sell a print version in Taiwan.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel