Agricultural losses from torrential rain reach NT$40 million

Taipei--Agricultural losses from torrential rain brought by a stationery front hovering above Taiwan over the weekend had reached an estimated NT$40 million (US$1.36 million) as of Sunday, according to an initial estimate released by the Council of Agriculture (COA).

As of 11 a.m., agricultural losses as a result of the damage were heaviest in Yunlin County at NT$21.69 million, or 54 percent of the national total, the COA said. The county government's estimate was NT$24 million.

Farmers in New Taipei suffered NT$9.36 million in losses, or 23 percent of the total, according to the COA figures.

Chiayi reported NT$4.23 million in agricultural losses, ahead of Changhua, with NT$2.28 million in losses, the COA data shows.

Crop damage accounted for most of the losses, according to the COA, with 2,462 hectares of farmland and NT$30.74 million-worth of crops damaged.

The COA said rice growers took the biggest hit, suffering crop losses of NT$11.46 million and damage to 1,305 hectares of farmland.

Growers of watermelons, peanuts, corn and leafy vegetables also suffered heavy losses, the COA said.

The livestock sector faced NT$5.5 million in losses, largely due to losses of chickens and ducks, the COA said, adding that losses in fish products reached NT$1.76 million.

The COA said damage to agricultural facilities and farmland totaled at least NT$2.001 million, mainly due to fields being buried or washed away, with damage reaching NT$1.998 million, mainly in New Taipei and Yunlin County.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel