Agricultural losses from Typhoon Megi at least NT$340 million

Taiwan suffered at least NT$340 million (US$10.83 million) in agricultural losses from Typhoon Megi, which battered much of Taiwan on Tuesday, according to an initial estimate released by the Council of Agriculture (COA) on Wednesday.

As of 11 a.m. Wednesday, agricultural losses in Taiwan as a result of the damage caused by the storm had reached NT$341.86 million, with Yilan County in eastern Taiwan suffering the heaviest losses, the COA said.

Typhoon Megi made landfall in Hualien County, south of Yilan, on Tuesday afternoon, and it led to four deaths and 527 injuries and left more than 3.64 million households without power before moving away from Taiwan on Wednesday.

The storm also wreaked havoc on the region's farms. Farmers in Yilan were the hardest hit, suffering at least NT$118 million in losses, or 34 percent of the national total, according to the COA figures.

Kaohsiung reported at least NT$59.20 million in agricultural losses from the typhoon, ahead of Taichung, with NT$57.62 million in losses, and Miaoli County, with NT$24.96 million in losses, the COA data showed.

Crop damage accounted for most of the losses, according to the COA, with 6,065 hectares of farmland and NT$332 million worth of crops damaged.

The COA said guava growers took the biggest hit, suffering crop losses of NT$47.52 million and damage to 294 hectares of farmland.

Growers of bananas and rice also suffered losses of at least NT$40.80 million and NT$27.69 million, respectively, the COA said. Persimmon and taro growers both were hit with losses of least NT$20 million.

The livestock sector faced NT$910,000 in losses, largely due to losses in chickens, ducks and pigs, the COA said.

The COA said damage to agricultural facilities totaled NT$7.69 million as of Wednesday morning, with Taoyuan, Nantou and Yilan suffering most of the losses.

Meanwhile, Typhoon Megi caused damage to 92 campuses around Taiwan and left one teacher and four students injured, the Ministry of Education said, estimating losses on campuses at more than NT$11 million based on a preliminary assessment.

The ministry said 20 campuses in Taipei were damaged, the most of any city in Taiwan, followed by 12 campuses in Hsinchu and 10 campuses in Taichung.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel