Air Force apologizes for delays caused by IDF training exercise glitch

Taipei-The Air Force Command Headquarters issued an apology on Saturday after the cancellation of an IDF jet fighter training exercise in the morning delayed six commercial flights for about an hour.

According to a statement issued by the Air Force Command Headquarters, the pilot of the IDF fighter noticed the wheel at the nose of the landing gear was shaking during takeoff at 8:51 a.m. and aborted the exercise in accordance with standard operating procedure.

The exercise was scheduled to take place at Penghu County's Magong Airport, which doubles as a summer training base for the Air Force.

Normal flight operations were not resumed until 9:58 a.m., causing a one-hour delay to six flights, said Huang Wei-hung (???), head of flight operations at Magong Airport.

An investigation is ongoing to determine the problem with the jet fighter, the Air Force Command Headquarters said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel