All Galaxy Note 7 phablets sold in Taiwan must be recalled: NCC

A total of 42,000 Galaxy Note 7s the latest phablet from South Korean smartphone brand Samsung Electronics Co. -- were sold in Taiwan and must be recalled amid problems with the battery which has exploded in a number of cases, the National Communications Commission (NCC) said on Wednesday.

The NCC said that based on data provided by Samsung Taiwan, 42,000 Note 7s were sold in Taiwan and 6,000 have already been returned or replaced with other models.

However, 36,000 devices remain in the hands of Taiwan's consumers. Of those, 30,000 have registered to replace them with new models, while 6,000 consumers have yet to take any action.

To ensure all Note 7s are recalled, the NCC said it will require telecommunications operators to take the initiative in notifying consumers.

Samsung announced on Tuesday that it had stopped exchanging its Galaxy Note 7s for new devices in Taiwan after problems with several replacement devices.

The Note 7 exchange in Taiwan kicked off on Sept. 13 as part of Samsung's global exchange program after several incidences of the newly unveiled model catching fire due to overheating batteries were reported worldwide.

About 2.5 million units of the Note 7 had been sold worldwide since it went on sale in August before problems with the model became apparent.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel