Amendment of National Security Law adds Articles 2-2 and 5-2?and revises Articles 2-1 and 5-1

The amendment applies to the National Security Law. The essential points are:

1) To add and revise acts which people are prohibited from conducting for foreign countries, Mainland China areas, Hong Kong, Macao, hostile foreign forces or their agents (Article 2-1)

2) To add that the protection of national security shall extend to cyberspace and physical space within the territory of the Republic of China (Article 2-2)

3) To add and revise penalties imposed for intending to endanger national security or social stability and committing an offense specified in Article 2-1 (Article 5-1)

4) To add that if any of current employees (active service personnel) or retired personnel from the government, military, educational institutions or state enterprises is found in any circumstances prescribed under this Article, his/her right to claim for retirement payment shall be lost and the payments having been received shall be returned. (Article 5-2)(4 provisions, p.4-5)

Source: The Legislative Yuan Republic of China