Association of East Asian Relations to change name

formally change its name. The new name will be the Association of Taiwan-Japan Relations. That's after Japan in January renamed its representative office in Taiwan to include the name "Taiwan." Both offices act as de facto embassies for their respective countries in the absence of full diplomatic ties.

The current head of Taiwan's agency, Tsai Ming-yao, said Tuesday that the new name will better reflect the purpose and nature of the office. Tsai said it also goes to show that ties with Japan are moving in a positive direction. In March, Japan's Senior Vice Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, Jiro Akama, visited Taiwan. He was the most senior government official to visit Taiwan since the two countries cut diplomatic ties in 1972.

Meanwhile, Tsai Ming-yao will leave the association to take over the position of foreign ministry secretary general on May 16. He will be replaced by his deputy, Chang Shu-ling.

Source: Radio Taiwan International