Balmy weather forecast for Taiwan Sunday

Taipei, Dec. 2 (CNA) The weather around Taiwan will be cloudy to sunny on Sunday, with highs reaching 30 degrees Celsius in parts of the island, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) forecast.

Daytime temperatures are expected to be warm, with highs to reach 29-30 degrees in the western parts of Taiwan, and 27-28 degrees in the east.

However, lows could dive to about 18-19 degrees in areas north of central Taiwan and the northeast, and 20-21 degrees in other parts, according to the CWB.

The weather is forecast to see little change on Monday and Tuesday, with daytime temperatures to remain warm before a weak front passes through the sea off northern Taiwan Tuesday night when winds from the northeast are expected to intensify, bringing sporadic rain to the north.

On Wednesday, under the influence of northeasterly winds, cooler weather with intermittent rain are forecast for northern Taiwan, while central and southern Taiwan can expect cloudy to sunny skies.

On Thursday, northeasterly winds are forecast to become weak and the weather in the north is expected to warm up during the daytime.

The CWB said that on Friday, the 21st solar term of the year in the Chinese lunar calendar, northeasterly winds are expected to strengthen and bring sporadic rain to northern and eastern Taiwan when the mercury in the north and northeast is forecast to drop to as lows as 16-17 degrees, while highs can reach 17-19 degrees.

On that day, highs in central Taiwan are forecast to reach 23 degrees in central Taiwan, 27-28 degrees in the south, and 23 degrees in Hualien and Taitung in the east.

The weather on Saturday will be similar to that on Friday, according to the CWB.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel