Be Imitators Of Rev George Leslie MacKay As He Is Of Christ

To commemorate the first Christian church, established at Tamsui of northern Taiwan by Rev George LeslieMacKay, Rev Hugh Ritchie and Dr Matthew Dickson on 10 April 1872, Tamsui Presbyterian Church of Taipei Presbytery plans to hold a thanks-giving service for the 145 anniversary of the church's mission on April 9.

In the meantime, People Rule Educational Foundation, a former pro-plebiscite group against the 4th nuclear powerplant of Taiwan Electricity Company, launched its 100th itinerary parade, entitled "March forward to be a master!", a referendum-appealed pilgrimage of 23 kilometers from Tamsui to Wang-hua on March 9. Specially noteworthy is that this pilgrimage parade, initiated by a anti-nuclear group, stressing to imitate the evangelical spirit of Rev George Leslie MacKay to preach the good news to all Taiwanese people.

Source: The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan