Bird flu detected on three more farms in Yunlin County

Taipei--Bird flu has been detected in two chicken farms and a goose farm in Yunlin County, bringing the total number of infected farms there to 25, animal quarantine authorities said Friday.

The three farms, home to a combined 18,000 chickens and 750 geese, were confirmed as being hit by the H5 subtype of the avian influenza virus, with the exact strains yet to be identified, said Liao Pei-chih (???), head of Yunlin's Animal and Plant Disease Control Center.

It was the first bird flu case involving geese reported in the county this year, Liao said.

The three new cases were reported on the same day as a nationwide ban on the slaughter and transportation of poultry was lifted after experts concluded that the bird flu outbreak in Taiwan had slowed down over the past week.

The ban was imposed Feb. 17 in an effort to contain the spread of bird flu, particularly the highly pathogenic H5N6 virus transmittable to humans.

Other avian flu virus strains identified on Taiwan farms have been N5N2 and H5N8.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel