Blue light filter stickers advertised falsely

Taipei-Certain mobile phone screen protection stickers advertised as being able to protect users from eyesight deterioration by filtering out harmful blue light have been found by government inspectors to be in violation of the law regulating commodity labeling.

The Consumer Protection Committee (CPC) under the Executive Yuan published Monday the results of a random inspection it launched in August last year in Taipei and Taichung, as well as in Chiayi County.

During the inspection, 20 stores and two online shopping malls were visited, in which a total of 10 screen protection stickers were purchased for labeling checks.

The results indicate that none of the products met labeling regulations because they failed to present medical evidence to support the eyesight protection effect the products were promoted as having, the committee said in a statement.

CPC inspector Wang Te-ming (???) said there are no national standards to verify the claimed blue light protection from screen filters for 3C products, despite many such products marketed in the country being labeled or promoted as having the function.

While no businesses have been able to present scientific evidence for the eyesight protection function, "those spending their money may have been duped," Wang said.

The CPC statement says businesses selling 10 brands of screen protection stickers carrying false labeling were invited to attend a meeting convened by the committee to present the relevant medical evidence to back their claims.

Representatives of just six of the companies showed up, none of whom were able to provide data or medical evidence to back their claims, although they agreed to take their products off store shelves or correct their labeling, the CPC said.

As for the four businesses that did not attend the meeting, the committee went on, they have been instructed to correct their false labeling or face penalties.

Under the Commodity Labeling Act, false labeling can incur fines ranging from NT$30,000 (US$1,016). Businesses will be punished if they fail to make the necessary corrections within a given deadline.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel