Cabinet launches digital website with live stream information

The Executive Yuan on Friday formally launched a digital archive website that provides live streaming of Cabinet press conferences and statements, as well as digital images of its historic events.

The launch of the Executive Yuan Digital Archive website at is part of an effort to make government information more accessible to the public, the Cabinet said.

The website, which started a trial period on May 11, so far has more than 13,000 videos and photos of Cabinet press conferences and other events that date back to the 1950s, according to the Executive Yuan.

The contents include the last Cabinet meeting held by late Republic of China (Taiwan) President and Premier Chiang Ching-kuo (???) in 1978, and a press conference held by then-Premier Sun Yun-suan (???) in 1978 on the breaking of diplomatic ties between the ROC and the United States.

The images also show former premiers attending landmark events, such as the 2006 inauguration of the Hsuehshan Tunnel, the longest tunnel in Taiwan, and the opening of the Jing-mei Human Rights Memorial and Cultural Park in 2007.

The website also brings live streaming of major functions attended by the premier, in an effort to provide real time government information to the public, the Cabinet said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel