Cabinet responds to criticism of infrastructure plan

Cabinet spokesperson Hsu Kuo-yung has responded to criticism of the government's infrastructure plan. Some critics of the plan have expressed concerns that it could encourage wasteful spending and that the projects it funds could turn out to be white elephants.

In an interview Tuesday, Hsu said that the plan had been taking shape before the Tsai administration took office last May. He also said that the plan had been worked out after taking a variety of views into account and seeking advice from experts like the head of the central bank, Perng Fai-nan. Hsu said the plan will create between 40,000 and 50,000 jobs. He also said that local governments including those controlled by the opposition KMT are seeking to secure infrastructure budgets under the plan.

In response, Hsu said that the effects of light rail projects will only be apparent once they are finished. He also said that river management projects and plans to renovate reservoirs will prevent floods and provide clean drinking water.

Meanwhile, Hsu said that plans to turn a port in Kaohsiung into a center for wind turbine assembly will transform a port that is already under-used into a key point for Taiwan's green energy sector.

At the same time, Hsu said that private sector investors are expected to provide the bulk of the funding for the government's green energy and wind power projects.

Source: Radio Taiwan International