Changhua Produce Fair attracts consumers

The Tenth Changhua Produce Fair, an annual event that showcases a wide range of fruit and vegetables, attracted thousands of people looking to taste samples of different bananas, grapes, guava and oranges, as well as buy discounted items at the Changhua County Fruit and Vegetable Market venue in the central county on Sunday.

Visitors shopped for many different types of produce, including buckwheat, figs, red coix seed, rice, free range chicken, dried longan, red wine, rice noodles, goat's milk and sugarcane juice. Bread and cookies made by young people with development disabilities were also sold at the fair.

Changhua County Magistrate Wei Ming-ku (???) said there were thousands of kilos of fruit for visitors to taste and buy, with all fruit at the fair to be sold at a 20 percent discount.

Local community groups performed street dances or played jazz and percussion music.

Chen Chien-hung (???), director of Changhua County Fruit and Vegetable Market, thanked Wei for supporting the annual fair and said he hoped in future to export more Changhua produce around the world to increase the income of local farmers.

Changhua County Farmers Association and many township associations took part in the one-day fair, which organizers said attracted about 5,000 visitors.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel