Circle K in Japan to provide services to Taiwan ATM card holders

Holders of automated teller machine (ATM) cards issued by certain Taiwanese banks have been able to withdraw Japanese yen from all ATMs in Circle K convenience stores in Japan, starting from Oct. 1, the Financial Information Service Co. (FISC, ??????) said on Monday.

The FISC, which is owned by the Ministry of Finance and a group of local financial institutions, said that holders of ATM cards issued by 20 Taiwanese banks who travel to Japan have gained access to financial services from more than 4,000 ATMs installed in Circle K stores across Japan.

The 20 Taiwanese banks include Bank of Taiwan (??), Land Bank of Taiwan (????), Cooperative Bank of Taiwan (????), First Commercial Bank (????), Hua Nan Commercial Bank (????), Chang Hua Commercial Bank (????), Cathay United Bank (??????), Bank of Kaohsiung (????), Mega International Commercial Bank (????) and Taiwan Business Bank (????????).

The others are Taichung Bank (????), Shin Kong Commercial Bank (????), Sunny Bank (????), COTA Commercial Bank (????), the Second Credit Cooperative of Hualien (?????????), Union Bank of Taiwan (????), Far Eastern International Commercial Bank (????), Yuanta Commercial Bank (????), E. Sun Commercial Bank (????) and Jih Sun International Commercial Bank (????).

Currently, the 20 Taiwanese banks listed have issued more than 52.80 million ATM cards, FISC said.

FISC said that to meet rising demand from Taiwanese consumers many of whom consider Japan a favorite travel destination, the company is also on the verge of reaching an agreement with Japanese merchants to allow Taiwanese tourists to use the debit card function on their ATM cards to make purchases in Japan, beginning in the second half of next year.

Currently, holders of ATM cards issued in Taiwan can only use the debit card function in stores in Hokkaido.

FISC said it is working to extend debit card services to about 20,000 Japanese merchants by 2020.

In addition to Japan, FISC said that Taiwanese ATM card holders are expected to be able to withdraw Hong Kong dollars and Macanese Patacas from December when they travel to the two territories.

FISC said that it has been pushing for the provision of similar financial services in Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel