Constitutional Court rules for same-sex marriage

The Constitutional Court has issued a landmark ruling ordering the legalization of same-sex marriage in Taiwan.

The ruling is set to make Taiwan the first country in Asia to give same-sex couples the equal right to marry.

On Wednesday, Judicial Yuan Secretary-General said that the court's justices found the Civil Code's lack of protections for same-sex couples unconstitutional. The justices have given lawmakers two years to change the law. Proposed legislation that would legalize same-sex marriage is already on the table in the Legislature.

Wednesday's ruling comes after a 2015 request for a constitutional interpretation by veteran gay rights activist Chi Chia-wei, who was denied a marriage registration two years earlier. His attempts to appeal the denial through the court system had also failed.

The Taipei City Government's Department of Civil Affairs had also requested the court to issue an interpretation in 2015 after same-sex couples whose marriage registrations had been rejected filed lawsuits.

Source: Radio Taiwan International