Cool temperatures, strong winds in forecast Tuesday

Taipei--A weather front that began to influence Taiwan early Tuesday has brought temperatures down and increased the chances of rain, the Central Weather Bureau said, adding that strong gusts are in the forecast for regions to the north of Tainan later in the day.

Northeastern seasonal winds have intensified with the arrival of the weather front, bringing lows in northern and northeastern Taiwan to 15 to 16 degrees Celsius, the bureau said.

Highs in those two regions are expected to be 20 to 21 degrees, compared with Monday's highs of around 26 degrees. Areas to the north of Hsinchu are expected to see heavy clouds with chances of rain on the windward side.

In central and southern Taiwan, where there could be some sunshine, daytime highs could go up to 28 degrees and even 30 degrees in the southernmost county of Pingtung.

Because of the seasonal winds, western Taiwan regions to the north of Tainan, the eastern half of the island -- including Orchid Island and Green Island, southern Taiwan's Hengchun Peninsula, the offshore islands of Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu to the west of Taiwan proper could see gusts of between 74 kilometers and 102 kilometers per hour, according to the weather bureau.

The influence of the seasonal winds will be most strongly felt later Tuesday and early Wednesday. They are expected to let up during the day Wednesday before picking up again Thursday.

The bureau reminds the public to pay attention to the latest forecast especially during the next week as temperatures and weather conditions during this time of year could change very quickly.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel