CORONAVIRUS/Measures to lift Taiwan’s border controls take effect

The first stage of Taiwan’s lifting of border controls took effect on Thursday as arriving travelers no longer are required to take saliva-based PCR tests at the airport.


Inbound travelers, instead, will be given four rapid antigen test kits and will have to quarantine for three days and monitor their health for four days to make sure they do not exhibit COVID-19 symptoms.


Quarantine can be done at the travelers’ residence on a one-person-per-room basis or at a quarantine hotel.


Arriving travelers can take “COVID-19 prevention taxis” at the airport; have friends, relatives, or their affiliated institutions, if applicable, drive them; or drive themselves to their quarantine places.


Meanwhile, Taiwan’s visa-waiver program has been fully resumed as visitors from 11 more countries under Taiwan’s visa-waiver program are now allowed to enter the country visa-free.


Those 11 countries are Japan, South Korea, Chile, Israel, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, and the Philippines.


This comes after Taiwan had on Sept. 12 reinstated visa-free status for 54 countries under the program.




Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel