Crowds of Pokemon Go players ‘trash’ Beitou Park in Taipei

People flocking to Beitou Park in Taipei to play the mobile game Pokemon Go have left behind large amounts of trash, forcing Taipei authorities to take extra measures to clean up the garbage, city officials said Wednesday.

The park has become a popular spot for Pokemon Go players because of the sighting of several rare Pokemon monsters, attracting waves of people but also their trash. The city has set up more trash cans there and deployed more workers to clean up the garbage.

A cleaning worker at the park said city workers removed more than 100 kilograms of trash from the park on the afternoon of Aug. 21 alone.

Noting that crowds of Pokemon players have continued to appear at the park and generate large amounts of waste over the past two days, the Parks and Street Lights Office under the city government called on the players Wednesday to remove their trash after visiting the park.

The city also called on visitors to follow traffic rules when crossing the road to visit the park, which is located at the intersection of four streets just across from the MRT Xinbeitou Station.

According to police statistics, a total of 459 traffic tickets were issued at the park between Aug. 11 and 21, most of which were for illegal parking.

Many others have taken the MRT to chase monsters in Beitou. Taipei Rapid Transit Corp. data showed that the station handled more than 18,000 passengers on Aug. 20 and 21, triple the number recorded on the last weekends of July.

Taiwan is the third Asian market in which the game has been launched, following Japan and Hong Kong, since its release on July 6 in the United States.

Following its introduction into Taiwan on Aug. 6, various government authorities have issued warnings about road safety and traffic regulations and have highlighted the fines that Pokemon players risk if they disregard the regulations.

Source: Focus Taiwan