Daytime highs of 37 degrees forecast for Tuesday

Taipei--The weather across Taiwan on Tuesday will be hot and mostly sunny, with daytime high temperatures of 37 degrees Celsius expected in Keelung and some areas of northern and eastern Taiwan, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) forecast.

The bureau said occasional showers or thunderstorms are likely in central and southern Taiwan on Tuesday morning because of the effect of southwesterly winds, and it also expected sporadic thundershowers in northeastern and eastern Taiwan and in mountainous areas in the afternoon.

In addition, Taiwan's northern and southeastern coasts (including Green Island and Orchid Island) are likely to experience gusty winds, the CWB said, and eastern Taiwan should be prepared for possible foehn winds.

The CWB said temperatures are expected to reach highs of between 33 and 36 degrees in most of Taiwan, while the Taipei Basin and Keelung in the north and the East Rift Valley in the east will see the mercury climb to 37 degrees.

Ultraviolet rays will remain high, reaching dangerous levels around noon, the CWB said, and it urged people to take precautions if they must go outdoors and to stay hydrated.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel