Deducting classics with science and technology: The Forbidden City and the National Public Information Library have jointly launched the “Water is not deep – the special exhibition of the Forbidden City digital document”

The National Palace Museum and the National Public Information Library (State-owned Assets Map) jointly launched the "Water is not in the deep - the Forbidden City digital document special exhibition", from now until October 6th at the National Public Information Library. This exhibition echoes the rich library collection and information library features of the state-owned assets, and uses the immersive interactive new media technology to interpret the Tibetan Buddhist classics of the Forbidden City. Even the archives related to the exploration work in the area are expected to bring a new digital experience to the audience and uncover the mystery behind the ancient books.

The Forbidden City said that the exhibition debuted in the "Long Zong Jing: Floating Shadow Illusive Immersive Interactive Theater", combined with large-scale light sculpture projection, somatosensory interactive technology and AR augmented reality technology, allowing the audience to feel the Forbidden Palace collection The grandeur of the Tibetan Buddhist scriptures, through the immersive interactive theater, led the audience to unveil the mystery of the statues. This interactive device won the Gold Award for "HD New Technology" at the 52nd Houston Independent Filmmaking and International Film Festival, and the International Audiovisual Multimedia Heritage Festival organized by the International Council of Film and Television (ICOM) International Film and Television Technology Committee. (F@IMP 2.0 Festival 2019) Exhibition interactive device art awards, I believe that absolutely brilliant!

In addition, the exhibition also uses VR virtual reality, story maps, light carving techniques and documentaries to tell the audience the stories behind the archives of the Forbidden City, and lead the audience to further understand Taiwan's water and sand with the site visit of the Qing Dynasty ministers. Even with the history of the region, explore the close relationship between Taiwan and the Taiwanese literature archives. The Forbidden City sincerely invites people to visit and appreciate the profound charm of the Forbidden City archives!

Source: National Palace Museum