Defense and foreign ministries to report on US ties

The defense and foreign ministries are set to report at the legislature's Foreign and National Defense Committee on Monday. The reports will focus on goals, strategies and a time frame for constructing a new framework for Taiwan-US relations.

Both ministries have released papers ahead of Monday's reports, detailing some of the tasks at hand.

The defense ministry report says that Taiwan-US military cooperation is proceeding smoothly, and that the government is closely monitoring ties. It says that Taiwan will strengthen bilateral discussions on military strategy and will continue to make appropriate requests to purchase weapons from the US to show Taiwan's determination to defend itself. The defense ministry says that Taiwan will also seek to participate in foreign aid and relief efforts under the United States' new Asia-Pacific policy framework.

The defense ministry report also detailed ongoing military procurement plans with the United States. It listed nine different types of military procurements � including things like Apache attack Helicopters. Notably absent from the report, though, was F-35 fighter jets.

Meanwhile, the foreign ministry report listed a number of accomplishments in ties with the US, including Taiwanese lawmakers' visits to the US State Department and meetings with high-ranking State Department official Susan Thornton. Taiwan's representative to the United States, Stanley Kao, was also recently invited to attend a meeting of the US-led coalition to counter ISIS.

The foreign ministry says in its report that it will continue to monitor US President Donald Trump's staff appointments, as well as seek bilateral trade agreements, and promote closer military exchanges with the US.

Source: Radio Taiwan International