Democrat Party asks for help in solving Corrections Act

Parliament, "Pitak Det" asks the people and MPs. Join in pushing the draft Corrections Act to ensure equality for prisoners, prevent repeat violations of the rule of law - rule of law. Mr. Phithakdet Dechdecho, Nakhon Si Thammarat MP The Democrat Party (PDP) has announced the case for submitting a draft amendment to the Act (Act) to the Department of Corrections that the draft amendment to the Act has already been prepared. And it is the main principle about this. I would like to confirm that I have no conflict with anyone. But when the Department of Corrections, which is the justice process, uses its power in a way that causes doubt in society. It goes against the principles of the country and the rule of law - the rule of law. Therefore, it is necessary to submit an amendment to the correctional law. To create a greater balance of power. This draft law The Democrat Party had previously submitted it to the 25th House of Representatives, but when the House's term expired, the said law was unfortunately dropp ed, and the previous House of Representatives did not raise this law for reconsideration. Mr. Phithakdet said that the essence of the draft This Act There are clear principles and reasons to comply with international criminal procedures. The use of the powers and duties of the Department of Corrections must be thorough. There is transparency and straightforwardness regarding the reduction or suspension of prisoners' sentences. In addition, the drafting of the said law It also requires an independent committee. To consider the benefits of prisoners consisting of knowledgeable people expertise reliability Since the judges in the Supreme Court Judge in the Administrative Court ombudsman and rights committee To consider and select 1 person per organization, Chairman of the Board Prosecutors and experts related to human rights and psychological aspects that are useful in considering the interests of prisoners Including representatives of human rights organizations, a total of 9 people 'It will be an independent committee that will balance the duties of the Department of Corrections. and use authority to collect, inspect and inquire into facts regarding imprisonment and sentence reduction. Including reducing the days spent in prison and suspending the sentence. When the independent committee has finished considering Make a final request to the court. that the organization that has been considering the case since the beginning He has been the one who has determined the punishment since the beginning and has considered the reduction and suspension of punishment. In addition, it places importance on crimes committed in corruption cases, criminal cases, including drug cases, and other important matters. In the case of a reduction or suspension of sentence, the prison sentence must be set before the sentence is reduced at an appropriate rate. Submitting this draft It is the starting point that will make the end of the justice process, which is the Department of Corrections, enforce the sanctity of punishment. More depende nt on erratics. and based on the principles of the country,' Mr. Phithakdet said. Mr. Phithakdet said that in the past it can be seen that there are cases that are currently in the news. It is considered a wound in the justice process. If the watershed that is the source of the justice process is clean Be careful in considering But if the destination of the justice process is not clean careless and without purity Water that enters the bay into the sea is also considered dirty water. 'Today can be considered a major wound in the justice process. that affects the principles of the country And how can the people be relied upon in the justice process? The rule of law that the government has promised to the people It's just a whisper. But on the contrary, it is a complete destruction of the rule of law and the rule of law. It is believed that cases like this are the use of different norms and will cause many more people to flee the case. Use this case as an example to avoid. To return to the justice process,' Mr . Phithakdet said. Mr. Phithakdet said that the Democrat Party Will follow this matter closely both in the House and outside the House. He confirmed that the Democrat Party Including myself, I don't have any personal conflicts with anyone. But the conflict between violating the principles of the country and violating justice He therefore would like to appeal to the people and fellow members of the House of Representatives. Let's work together to push for this law. To achieve success soon In order to create balance and justice for the people in the area of ??Thailand equally. Source: Thai News Agency