Department of Health raises more than 5,000 HAS certified clean toilets

SorThor. 7 June – The Department of Health revealed that public toilets nationwide passed the National Standard for Health Accessibility Safety (HAS), a total of 5,519 places, or 76.91 percent, of which 2,482 places in Bangkok passed the standard, 1,861 places, or 74.98 percent. Certificate and awarding the sign "HAPPY TOILET, standard clean toilet"

Dr. Atthaphon Kaewsamrit, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Health was the chairman of the certificate signing ceremony and handed over the "HAPPY TOILET standard clean toilet" sign at the Government Center Commemorating His Majesty the King's 80th Birthday Anniversary 5 December 2007, Lak Si District, Bangkok, that according to the Department of Health has signed a cooperation (MOU) between the Department of Lands To develop public toilets in land offices across the country on February 15, 2023, to drive the development of public toilets in Thailand. in order not to be a source of spread of germs Reduce the spread of infectious diseases and to create a good image of the country By setting a standard for public toilets at the national level, Health Accessibility Safety (HAS), which has driven the operation with agencies affiliated with public toilet networks in all 12 types of locations so that people have access to clean toilets in every location. support urban society Promote tourism and create a good image for Thailand.

Dr. Attapol further said that the National Standard for Public Toilets, Health Accessibility Safety (HAS), consists of 1. Clean (Health), meaning that the toilets must be operated in accordance with sanitary conditions (Sanitation Conditions), such as all toilets and sanitary ware. must be clean There is no bad smell, there are sufficient materials, equipment, services such as clean water, hand soap, toilet paper, and a beautiful environment. 2. Adequate or convenient (Accessibility) means having enough toilets to meet the needs of users, including the disabled. Elderly people and pregnant women By stipulating that every place must have at least one equal toilet 3. Safety means users must be safe while using the toilet, such as having sufficient light, dry floor, separating males and females, location of toilets that are not isolated, etc. Ventilation pipes, seepages must not have a foul odor. There is no standing water in the toilet area. clean toilet floor Made from easy-to-clean materials Inside the toilet room is well ventilated. There is water for cleaning the toilets. There is hand soap. can prevent the spread of germs More importantly, it must be at least 30 meters from the water source.

In this regard, the Department of Health has organized a certificate awarding ceremony and presented the HAPPY TOILET sign for standard clean toilets. to 17 land offices in Bangkok and their branches in order to build confidence for people in receiving the service For the results of public toilet standard certification assessments across the country. - Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency