Digital minister vows to develop social enterprise

Taipei, Minister without Portfolio Audrey Tang (??), who is tasked with overseeing Taiwan's digital affairs, has reaffirmed the government's determination to support the development of Taiwan's social enterprises.

In a film released by the Executive Yuan Saturday, Tang is seen making bread with a group of physically and mentally disabled people, and wishing everyone a happy and rewarding Year of the Dog.

She said the Children Are Us Foundation and other social enterprise groups in Taiwan have a clear mission -- to help solve problems in different sectors of society.

The Children Are Us Foundation has dedicated itself over the past 20 years to helping disabled young people find jobs and integrate into society, she noted.

The group, along with other civic groups such as Social Enterprise Insights, will host an Asia social enterprise summit in Taichung in May, Tang said, pledging to give them full support for making it a success.

She urged everyone to help non-government organizations in their efforts to spread their influence throughout the world.

Tang, in one of her own statements, said that her duty in the government is to promote the "Public Digital Innovation Space, a digital service at the national level."

"We are automating away a lot of the chores that public servants are responsible for in order to make large-scale participation possible," she said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel