Dioxin scare sees 30% drop in egg sales

A recent scare over possible dioxin contamination in eggs has seen egg sales tumble 30%. That's according to the Poultry Association, Republic of China.

The scare was triggered by the discovery of an egg containing more than twice the legal concentration of dioxins during a food safety test. Dioxins are a group of toxic chemicals.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) narrowed down the origin of the egg to three farms in Changhua County, central Taiwan. The farms have been shut down and over 7,000 kg of eggs from the farms have been removed from shelves. Investigators have taken samples of eggs and feed from the suspect farms, as well as samples of water and air from the surrounding area.

However, public concern about the safety of eggs has hit the poultry industry as a whole. Vendors hurt by the drop in sales have criticized the FDA and the Council of Agriculture for causing an unnecessary panic among consumers.

An FDA official said Tuesday said that authorities have removed potentially contaminated eggs from the market, and that eggs on the shelves are safe to eat.

Source: Radio Taiwan International