DPP administration’s disapproval rating hits 60%: poll

Taipei--Eleven months after the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) returned to power, almost 60 percent of the public is dissatisfied with its performance, while President Tsai Ing-wen's (???) approval rating remains below 40 percent, according to a monthly poll released Monday.

In the Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation survey, 59.1 percent of the respondents said they were unhappy with the performance of the DPP, which is in control of both the executive and legislative branches, compared with 35 percent who said they were satisfied.

Meanwhile, 46 percent said they disagreed with Tsai's handling of state affairs, including her policies and top personnel appointments, and only 38.6 percent expressed approval, according to the survey.

You Ying-lung (???), chairman of the foundation, noted that Tsai's approval rating has been hovering at below 50 percent in recent months, compared with 69.9 percent when she first took office in May 2016.

Her disapproval rating in April was the second highest in the foundation's monthly poll, after it hit 54.4 percent in January, he said.

On the overall performance of Premier Lin Chuan (??) and his Cabinet, 53.9 percent of the respondents in the April poll said they were dissatisfied, while 33.1 percent expressed approval.

The survey also asked people about the government's handling of the detention of Taiwanese human rights activist Lee Ming-che (???) in China, and found that 56 percent thought the Taiwan administration was too weak in its approach, while 26.4 percent disagreed with that view.

The telephone survey was conducted April 17-18 by Focus Survey Research on 1,082 adults and had a margin of error of 2.98 percentage points.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel