DPP weighs in on Lee Ming-che detention case

In related news, the majority Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has weighed in on the detention by Chinese authorities of Lee Ming-che, one of its former staffers.

The DPP said Tuesday that China continues to grant ever greater powers to its law enforcement organs. In recent years it has enacted new laws on espionage, on national security, on terror and on the activities of overseas NGOs. It is suspected that Lee may have fallen foul of this last law, which came into effect at the start of the year.

The party said many international NGOs and western countries have taken note of Mr Lee's case. It said the case has also made Taiwanese nationals fear for their safety and freedom if they travel to China.

The DPP called upon the Chinese leadership to pay attention to the negative effects of this case on China's image. It also called for Lee's release in order to prevent further deterioration in cross-strait relations.

Source: Radio Taiwan International