Drones encroaching on airports will be shot down: defense minister

Taipei--Defense Minister Feng Shih-kuan (???) has said categorically that any drones that encroach on Taiwan's airports will be shot down and there is no need for officers to ask for prior approval to do so, after a recent incident involving a drone forced a Taipei airport to close for nearly one hour.

Feng, while inspecting the Army 602nd Aviation Brigade Friday, noted that the increasingly popular drones have posed security concerns to airports, and could be used by the enemy to collect information.

He said he has therefore asked military personnel to act within their legal duty and shoot down drones to protect national security.

"If the threat is imminent, there is no need to ask for the approval of the superior," Feng said, noting that a request for approval takes too much time and may undermine national security.

His instructions came after a drone was found at Taipei Songshan Airport Monday, forcing one China Airlines flight flying back from Tokyo to be rerouted to Taiwan Taoyuan Airport. Four other civilian flights and one military flight were also affected.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel