Eight servicemen positive in 2nd drug tests; pilots uninvolved

Taipei--Eight military personnel at the Ching Chuan Kang (CCK) air base in Taichung have tested positive for drugs in a second round of tests conducted as part of an ongoing investigation into a case in which illegal drugs were discovered at the air base, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

Their specimens showed positive mostly for category 1 narcotics, referring to morphine, heroin and opium, according to Kuo Ching-tung (???), a chief prosecutor at the Taichung District Prosecutors Office.

No pilots are involved among the eight servicemen, he added.

If they are confirmed to have taken drugs, first offenders will be put under a drug rehabilitation program for violation of the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act, while those who are recidivists will be prosecuted directly.

He said that the prosecutors have already looked over video cameras at the base and produced related information.

They will now look over cellphone and communications records of related people to help shed light on the case.

The military decided to have all 2,303 servicemen at the air base urine tested after 27 packages of white powder were found near an aircraft parking apron Feb. 20. Another 252 servicemen stationed outside the base were not tested.

A total of 27 servicemen tested positive in initial tests and had to undergo a second round of tests.

The powder was later determined to be amphetamine and ketamine.

A total of 53 small packages of drugs had been found dumped in different locations within the air base as of Feb. 27.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel