Emirates airline optimistic about growth in Taiwan market

Taipei--Dubai-based Emirates airline is optimistic about business potential in Taiwan, its area manager in Taiwan said Tuesday, attributing the optimism to an increase in passenger capacity since it introduced Airbus A380 aircraft on its Taiwan route in 2015.

Jaber Mohamed said that Emirates opened its Dubai-Taiwan route in February 2014, using the Boeing 777-300ER.

Thanks to constant growth in demand, the company decided in July 2015 to replace the 354-seat aircraft with the 491-seat A380, increasing the number of passenger seats by nearly 40 percent, Jaber said.

As a result, passenger capacity has since then grown by 42 percent, he said, adding that he is optimistic about the Taiwan market's potential.

According to Jaber, in Taiwan there are three types of travelers flying with Emirates, including those who fly to Dubai for a plane transfer.

The other two are people traveling to Dubai purely for business or sightseeing, and people flying to Dubai for one- or-two-day stops before traveling on to other countries, Jaber said.

Emirates operates flight services to 154 destinations in 83 countries around the world, according to the company.

Many Taiwanese travelers take Emirates flights to the Middle East, from which they transfer to other flights destined for Europe, the company said, noting that London, Paris, Vienna and Barcelona are the most-visited European cities by Taiwanese travelers.

The A380 can provide seating for up to 555 passengers, compared with the Boeing 747, which can seat around 400 passengers in a three-class configuration (first class, business class and economic class).

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel