Ex-U.S. soldier’s adopted daughter returns to Taiwan after 47 years

Taipei--A Taiwanese woman adopted as a baby by an American soldier stationed in the country 47 years ago, returned to Taiwan last month to search for her Taiwanese relatives.

With the assistance of the local household registration office she was surprised to find she has 11 older siblings in Taiwan, some of whom she was able to meet in Pingtung, southern Taiwan.

Christina Cooper was born in November 1969 in Tainan Prison and adopted by an American soldier and his wife in April 1970, returning with them to their home in Florida.

Cooper has lived most of her life in the United States, where she attended school, worked, got married and had children.

Accompanied by her adoptive mother and husband, Cooper returned to Taiwan on Feb. 16 to search for relatives. It was the first time she had been back to the country of her birth in 47 years.

A household registration office in Tainan helped Cooper search for members of her family based on the household registration transcript with the adoption record kept by her adoptive mother. As a result, the office was able to contact her 11 siblings within several hours and arrange a meeting in Pingtung the next day.

While in Taiwan, Cooper, her adoptive mother and husband also visited the site of the former Tainan Prison which has long since been converted into a department store and two hotels, and the former Tainan District Court.

Her mother observed that Tainan is very different to how she remembers it and said she thinks her daughter should write a book about her life.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel