Fake news undermines democracy: President Tsai

Taipei, President Tsai Ing-wen (???) urged countries in the Asia-Pacific region Saturday to work together to curb the production and dissemination of fake news, saying that it undermines democratic values.

"Across many of our societies, we are confronted by an increasingly orchestrated disinformation campaign designed to discredit our democracy and undermine our way of life," Tsai said at the opening of the annual Asia-Pacific Think-tank Summit.

Fake news poses challenges not only to Taiwan but to all like-minded countries across the region, Tsai said.

"Their existence highlights the need for us to work together to respond to these challenges in a more coordinated way," Tsai said, adding that she is pleased to see the forum rapidly becoming one of the preeminent platforms for experts on the subject from around the globe.

Tsai also introduced the establishment of two new think tanks in Taiwan, saying that they could help determine the country's place in the new international order.

According to Tsai, the Institute for National Defense and Security Research, which she inaugurated in May, is the first national defense think tank in Taiwan that is aimed at creating more possibilities for Taiwan to collaborate with partners on regional security and strategic issues.

The Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation, which was launched in June, is working to promote stronger linkages among countries covered by Taiwan's New Southbound Policy, Tsai said, adding that its signature annual event, the Yushan Forum, will be a significant policy exchange platform in the region.

Tsai also said she hopes that through the exchanges of think tanks across the region, there can be further discussions about the Indo-Pacific Strategy.

She said the strategy, which is being promoted by not only the United States, but almost all like-minded countries around the region, will be a critical force driving the development of the region for years to come.

"Guided by our shared values and interests, we view the Indo-Pacific Strategy as a tangible policy that will strengthen our cooperation in terms of investment, trade and infrastructure," she said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel