Famous Taiwanese cellist’s wrist surgery successful

Taipei, Renowned cellist Chang Chen-chieh (???), who broke his left wrist while cycling in Vienna earlier this week, said on Saturday morning Taipei time that a surgery on his broken wrist has been completed successfully and he is now wearing a cast.

In a posting on his Facebook page, Chang cited the doctors as saying after the surgery that he has to wear the cast for four weeks, "but after the cast is removed, I will be able to play cello again."

The 57-year-old Chang suffered a broken wrist when he was riding a bike along the Danube River and stumbled into a pothole. He was sent to a hospital in Vienna for an operation.

Before the surgery, Chang cited the doctors when he said on his Facebook page on Friday that a proximal femur nail needed to be implanted into his left wrist as treatment.

"I really hope to play the cello again," he told CNA before the operation, saying that he was scheduled to hold a concert for wheelchair-bound fans in Taiwan in September. "I'm keen to play for them as it will be the seventh year in a row."

The injury suffered by Chang has drawn attention from many people in Taiwan, in particular his fans who had replied to his Facebook postings and wished Chang well, expressing hopes the operation will be successful.

In the Facebook posting on Saturday, Chang said he was grateful for the blessings from Taiwan.

"There is no doubt that the success of the surgery came after your blessings and prayers, giving me great hope," Chang said.

For some reason, Chang's surgery was delayed on the day it happened, so Chang had felt awfully hungry because he had been barred from eating and drinking for 19 hours.

Chang said after the operation was done, he immediately started to eat and posted photos of himself eating food prepared by the hospital and his family and friends on his Facebook page.

Chang said his doctors were aware that he was receiving blessings from Taiwan for his injury and told Chang: "You can save your gratitude for us until the cast is removed."

Chang has worked with artists beyond the boundaries of classical music. In June, Chang played with Peking opera singer Chu Lu-hao (???) in a charity musical event held at a penitentiary for women in Kaohsiung City.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel