Flora expo opens in Taichung with declaration for sustainability

Taichung, Nov. 3 (CNA) The Taichung World Flora Exposition opened Saturday with the city's "Taichung Declaration" for sustainable growth returning home after being signed by countries and international organizations around the world.

The Taichung City government published the declaration in April. Also known as "A New Proposal for GNP," it emphasizes green productivity and natural sustainability and encourages people to embrace nature and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

After being signed by a total of 178 countries and organizations, the declaration was presented to Taichung Mayor Lin Chia-lung (???) at the flora expo's opening ceremony by Franc Weerwind, the mayor of Almere, a Dutch city that will host another flora expo in 2022.

The declaration will become a new reference for future flora expo organizers and will be adopted as an official document by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH).

The World Flora Expo is held in various cities around the world to promote gardening and horticulture design. The Taichung expo is only the second flora expo to be held in Taiwan after the 2010 Taipei Flora Expo.

Taichung's mayor and two deputy mayors opened the event featuring worldwide horticulture on Saturday at the three exposition venues in Waipu, Fengyuan, and Houli, respectively.

The flora expo mascot leopard cats also made an appearance at the venue's entrances to welcome visitors waiting in line.

Lin said the preservation of leopard cats at Houli Horse Ranch and Forest Park, one of the three exposition venues, was also supported by AIPH.

According to the organizers, the number of visitors had reached 30,000 as of noon Saturday.

The first visitor entering the Houli site was Futakami Atsushi from Japan. He said he was a staff member of the 1990 International Garden and Greenery Exposition in Osaka and visited different flora expos around the world thereafter. He added that the exposition in Taichung gets people closer to nature.

The Taichung City Government, the event's organizer, recommended visitors travel to the exposition by public transportation to avoid traffic jams around the venues.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel