For the first time, Luxembourg has cooperated with the Ministry of Science and Technology to create new opportunities in the field of science and technology!

Tailu coorganizes new activities to strengthen twoway exchanges.

Mr. Daniel da Cruz, Director of the Foreign Trade and Investment Promotion Department of the Luxembourg Ministry of Economic Affairs, led a delegation to visit Taiwan from July 18 to 20, 108, and today ( 19) Japan and the Ministry of Science and Technology TTA (Taiwan Tech Arena) jointly organized a new initiative in Luxembourg to introduce the Luxembourg government and the new resources of the people, and invited our newcomers to exchange with representatives of Luxembourg, VC and national breeding centers. This event is the first time for the Luxembourg government to cooperate with the Ministry of Science and Technology and to create new opportunities in the field of technological innovation.

Director Qiu Qiuhui from the Department of Industry, Education and Parks of the Ministry of Science and Technology said: TTA was invited to lead a delegation to participate in the new exhibition of ICT Spring in Luxembourg in May this year. During the visit to Luxembourg Director Mr. Daniel da Cruz, he was a newcomer. The followup cooperation exchanged opinions and invited guests to visit Taiwan. The event can be regarded as a followup result of the interaction between the two countries, and it is expected to bring more substantial cooperation and development.

Luxembourg is committed to technological advancement and value Taiwan's science and technology team.

In recent years, Luxembourg is committed to technological upgrading and industrial transformation. From the European financial center, planning to enhance the future technology applied to smart transportation (selfdriving), innovation, financial technology, security, Internet of Things, circulation Economic, commercial space and other fields. One of the purposes of this trip is to value Taiwan's technologyrelated application advantages and find future cooperation possibilities. Mr. Daniel da Cruz said: Taiwan is an important trading partner of Luxembourg. The two sides have many things in common, and they are also innovation and technology. Pioneer in the field. Each other's new ecospheres are also complementary, which can be used as an excellent platform for both companies to expand their business activities in Europe and Asia.

Today's event arranged Luxembourg ICT and security expert Mr. Michele Gallo, Mr. Francois Thill to explain the country's recent technological developments, and invited venture capital Paladin Capital manager Mr. Ken Pentimonti and Technoport consultant Mr. Olivier Zephir to create a new European market Share experiences.

TTA International Platform of the Ministry of Science and Technology, hopes to help the team to link the global market.

TTA is an internationallevel technology and entrepreneurship base, focusing on AI, software and semiconductors. It is expected to establish an internationallevel new environment ecosystem to bring talent, capital, technology and market together. herein. At the same time, the Ministry of Science and Technology promotes the integration of Taiwan's science and technology with the international market through TTA, such as leading China's outstanding science and technology innovation team to participate in international largescale exhibitions, attracting overseas venture capital and international enterprises to pay attention to China's technological innovation, and opening up transnational and crossborder industrial cooperation. The opportunity to enter the technology industry chain and strengthen the key position of Taiwan's technology innovation in the global ecosystem.

Source: Ministry of Science and Technology, R.O.C