Forbidden City Pokemon Let’s GO! The Palace Museum Special Exhibition welcomes parents and children to spend a good time together

This summer, the Forbidden City has a strong relay! For the first time, the National Palace Museum cooperated with the Taipei City Zoo, the Hsinchu City Zoo, the Kaohsiung Shoushan Zoo and the National Museum of Marine Biology, and jointly organized the National Palace Zoo Special Exhibition for the elementary school children. It is the first time in the history of the Forbidden City! In addition to exhibiting animal-related paintings in the Forbidden City, and displaying various specimens, animal skins and puppets from the Three Parks and One Museum, which combines cultural aesthetics and ecological education, it is definitely a must-see for this summer!

At the opening press conference today (4), the President of the Forbidden City Wu Micha, Vice President Huang Yongtai, the director of the Taipei Zoo, Jin Shiqian, the director of the Hsinchu City Zoo Yang Jiamin, the deputy director of the Kaohsiung City Government Tourism Bureau, Qiu Junlong, and the Kaohsiung Shoushan Zoo Zhuang Yuzhi The head of the school, the director of the National Museum of Marine Biology and Biological Sciences, Chen Qixiang, and the animal care related practitioners came to the event. The scene was brought to the forefront by the No Unique Studio Troupe, and the giraffe parade that was 3.5 meters high and eye-catching for the Forbidden City was unveiled, attracting friends and friends to interact and enjoy the atmosphere. Hot, laughter again and again!

In his speech, the Dean of the Forbidden City said that he would like to thank the Sanyuanyi Museum for providing information on specimens, animal skins, animal images and audio-visual files. The National Palace Zoo Special Exhibition is a major breakthrough for the Forbidden City exhibition. For the first time, the curatorial team used simple texts and childlike design from the perspective of elementary school children, and incorporated rich and versatile experiences such as sight, hearing, touch and smell, so that friends of different sizes can touch the skin samples and hear them at close distance. Animals cry, but also close to the nose to smell the recycled paper made with elephant or hippo dung, making people feel like they are in the real zoo, creating a relaxed learning situation where parents and children learn together. The Forbidden City expects that through the easy-to-follow exhibition content, friends of all sizes can easily and easily visit the Forbidden City, just like walking to the zoo is as simple and fun!

The Forbidden City Zoo Special Exhibition will be on display at the 210 and 212 showrooms in the North Hall of the Forbidden City from now until September 25. It will be divided into three units, namely the 12 Zodiac, Rare Birds and Aquarium. , exhibiting a variety of animal paintings collected in the Palace Museum. In particular, the Palace Museum's collection of Mingren's House is a rare white tiger. It is said that it can predict the good and the bad, and it is regarded as auspicious. Or, Qing Liu Jiude's paintings, depicting a lion with a strong body, walking along the rushing stream, looks funny and humorous, showing the ancient painter's imagination of the lion. These Pokemon carefully selected by the Forbidden City will be limited to meet the public during this summer! The Forbidden City sincerely welcomes the family and friends to visit the Forbidden City Zoo for a good time!

Source: National Palace Museum