Foreign ministry to introduce new evaluation for overseas offices

Taipei-The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) plans to introduce a custom-made evaluation mechanism to assess the performances of its overseas offices and top representatives.

Speaking to MOFA staff at its Taipei headquarters Jan. 4, Foreign Minister David Lee (???) urged his colleagues to remain on high alert, as he predicted that 2018 is expected to be an even more challenging year for the country's diplomacy, with China's continuous efforts to squeeze Taiwan's international space.

With the aim of improving the efficiency of MOFA's overseas offices, Lee said his ministry will soon introduce a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) similar to that used in the private sector to provide an objective mechanism for measuring and evaluating the performances of its overseas offices and top representatives.

The KPI will be drafted by each representative office itself before being sent to the ministry for approval.

"Such an objective evaluation mechanism will be useful for the ministry to assess the performance of each representative office in every quarter," Lee noted.

However, according to Lee, the ministry already has an existing evaluation mechanism for its overseas offices and staff.

His proposal is to introduce a KPI widely used by the private sector that is more goal-orientated, to evaluate each office's performance in pushing for major government policies, such as joining regional economic blocs.

According to a MOFA spokesman, the ministry is still considering whether to merge the two evaluation systems into one in the future or simply replacing the existing one with the new KPI.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel