Former legislator indicted for insulting police

Taipei--The Taoyuan District Prosecutors' Office on Monday indicted former Legislator Chiu Chui-chen (???) for insulting public functionaries after he yelled curses at police officers when he was stopped for a routine spot check last year.

"I'm Legislator Chiu Chui-chen," Chiu told officers when he was stopped in his car April 13 at the Dayuan Interchange of National Freeway No. 2.

He refused to leave his vehicle, and said the police were "usually" targeting him.

Chiu's verbal abuse prompted the police officers to sue him for insulting them.

Chiu, 65, later offered an apology and admitted his use of swearwords, saying that he had been stopped by police three times in a week for spot checks.

On Monday, Chiu again apologized to police for making impertinent remarks.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel