‘Give a scare’ service unveiled in Taiwan

An online tourism platform has unveiled a new, unprecedented service for locals in the spirit of Halloween: hiring actors to play "ghosts" to scare or startle another person.

The customized service enables consumers to choose the type, time, location and the "victims" of the "scare" routine and receive a recording of the "terrified" expression of the victims.

The cost of delivering a scare is NT$2,500 (US$79), the operator said.

The company providing the service said it hires experienced professional actors and actresses to play weird and scary creatures, such as a bad female ghost in white, a blood eating zombie or a scary ghost nun.

It takes about three hours for the actors and actresses to get prepared for their roles with the help of professional special effect makeup artists, the operator said.

When an order is received, the operator will ask the customer how much of a shock the "victims" can tolerate -- whether to scare the wits out of the targets or just throw them off their guard and maybe draw a laugh.

Most of the orders received to date have been for the actors to appear at student reunions or gatherings of friends and surprise friends or classmates in a humorous way, the operator said.

But nobody has yet to try the prank on a boss, the operator said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel