Glad We Have You, A Hundred Policies and Ten Contributions of Mayor Twu Shiing-jer

The mayor of Chiayi City, Twu Shiing-jer, held Thank Press Conference for his 4-year office in the hall on 1F of the city hall on Dec.20. Mayor Twu gave the presentation of a hundred policies and ten contributions he has implemented. As the representative of the citizens, Ms. Chen Yu-zhou, a volunteer of integrated screening, presented bouquets and hand-made cards to Mayor Twu for his promotion of integrated screening, which saved her husband from death.

The presentation of Twu reported that he had tried to build Chiayi City into a city of happiness based on the administrative goal of Flowing Ditch, Clean Water, and Good Air Quality; Smooth Road, Bright Light, and Caring for Health for these 4 years. The railway elevation which has been expected will come true, Mituo Bridge of Moon Reflection for reshowing the view of heron flying over was built, and Lantan was renovated and beautified.

A good team makes great performances in office, Twu thanked to all director generals and the staff. They brought plenty of basic constructions for these 4 years to renew the city. The plans for the future which have been made are being executed, and some of them are supported by the central government. He wishes Chiayi City would lead to happiness for its sustainable development on the constructions.

The benefits of his performances can not only be seen but be experienced. Integrated screening is the best gift to the citizens, a volunteer of integrated screening of Public Health Bureau, Chen Yu-zhou said. Her husband's taking the wrong medicine resulted in the liver function index of her husband reaching up to 10,000. Luckily, he took integrated screening which brought him out of death. Chen Yu-zhou appreciated Lady Mayoress for letting her husband, the mayor, dedicate his service for Chiayi City for these 4 years.

I used to work from 8AM until midnight and barely had a chance to rest like a 7-11; I was always thinking about how to make Chiayi City better, Twu indicated. Politics is a tough journey full of continual rumor and smear spreading, but he's made it so far thanks to the citizens and the team. Although he will no longer devote his service, he still cherishes Chiayi City. Chiayi City is my home and the love for it remains, Twu said.

Twu today also specially thanked his wife for her supports all along. A professor in NTU or a doctor should have been a wonderful career, Twu expressed. However, he took office as the director general of Public Health Bureau, Taipei City, as the director general of Centers for Disease Control, and even as the minister of Ministry of Health and Welfare. His wife was once the one who disapproved the most yet she was still willing to afford the burdens for the ideals as the biggest supporter. Thank you, my beloved wife, Mayor Twu said and turned the bouquets to his wife.

The performances of Mayor Twu were collected into a book given to the citizens as a letter showing his appreciation. The book tells the details of around a hundred policies and ten contributions he took and gave. The dance and singing of the children from Fuguo Kindergarten opened the press conference, and it was ended by a song, Heart of Appreciation, sung by Doctor Tu Qi-wen and Chiayi Female Choir. Many went to Mayor Twu for photos and signatures after the conference.

Source: Chiayi City Government