Golden Horse Awards: Seven-time nominee Clara Law wins best director

Filmmaker Clara Law clinched best director at the 58th Golden Horse Awards on Saturday, finally winning a trophy after being nominated for a Golden Horse award for a seventh time.

The jury praised Law for using a "poetic" way to examine history and reality in her alternate film "Drifting Petals," and said the film showcased her talent and her vision.

The Macau-born Hong Kong-raised director, who now lives in Australia, did not attend the ceremony on Saturday, but asked Lin Lai (???), one of the actresses in the film, to accept the award on her behalf.

Lai said that Law is known as being the director with the most wretched luck, as she has been nominated numerous times without ever winning.

"It felt like people were telling me, you aren't good enough, and you need to try harder again," Lin quoted Law as saying.

The director wanted to thank everyone who worked on the film, and every single friend who offered her help throughout the process.

"Most especially, she wants to thank Eddie Fong, the person who cooks alongside her in the kitchen every day," Li said, referring to Law's long-term writing-producing partner and husband.

"Drifting Petals" follows a filmmaker and a piano student across their past and future in Hong Kong and Macau after they first meet in Australia. Their stories merge as they each search for something that is disappearing from the cities they love.

Four years in the making, the film was funded, written, shot, and post-produced entirely by Law and Fong.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel