Government expands access to health care services in eastern Taiwan

Premier Lin Chuan said today that the government is working to protect the right to health of all Taiwan citizens, and make health care services accessible to both urban and rural residents. His remarks came at the opening ceremony of the National Yang-Ming University Hospital’s (NYMUH) Lanyang Campus in Yilan City, located on Taiwan’s less-populated east coast.

NYMUH’s Lanyang campus is a significant step forward in allocating the nation’s medical resources, the premier said, reiterating the Executive Yuan’s support for the hospital’s continued expansion to provide Lanyang area residents with better and more convenient health care services.

The premier stated that going forward, equal distribution of medical resources is a major responsibility and challenge for the government, and expressed hope that the NYMUH can help resolve medical resource availability and distribution issues. He then said that the Executive Yuan will fully support the hospital’s second-phase expansion project, which will help the hospital meet the basic requirements for a bonafide medical center including more research facilities, sickbeds and physicians.

According to the Executive Yuan, the newly completed Lanyang Campus will be furnished with 522 sickbeds, including 400 general sickbeds and 122 special sickbeds.

Later that day, Premier Lin traveled to Yilan County’s Shen-Gou Elementary School to learn about the school’s organic lunch program. After enjoying an organic meal with the school’s teachers and students, he toured the campus to see how the school is promoting environmentally friendly and energy-conscious educational programs.

According to the Ministry of Education, the teachers at Shen-Gou Elementary School�a mini campus with only around 150 students�have designed a food and agriculture education program that encourages students to understand and consume locally grown produce. The program focuses on rice cultivation, incorporating local community resources while promoting urban and rural exchanges.

Source: Executive Yuan