Government mulls scrapping statute of limitations for major crimes

Taipei--Deputy Justice Minister Tsai Pi-chung (???) said Monday that the ministry agrees the statute of limitations should be scrapped for murder cases.

He pointed out that there is no statute of limitations in other advanced countries such as Germany.

Tsai, speaking on the sidelines of the Judiciary and Organic Laws and Statutes Committee at the Legislature, was responding to a proposal by legislators to scrap the statute of limitation for major crimes.

Legislator Wang Ting-yu (???) of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party and others proposed a revision to the section of the Penal Code governing statutes of limitations in December.

Wang said the statute of limitations should not apply to offenses the maximum punishment for which is the death penalty, life imprisonment or prison terms longer than 10 years in the case of murder or major economic crimes.

However, Tsai also said that a clearer definition of the term "major economic crimes" would have to be drafted as the Investigation Bureau currently lists a wide range of offenses under that term.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel